Belabored Podcast #28: Solidarity

Belabored Podcast #28: Solidarity

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This week on Belabored, Sarah and guest co-host Peter Frase (Jacobin magazine) talk about solidarity of all kinds. They discuss international solidarity campaigns between European and South African unions and workers here, particularly in the South; give an update on the situation in Detroit as unions fight the city’s planned bankruptcy (which Marcy Wheeler discussed on Episode 16) and the wiping out of their pensions; and more. Then, independent journalist Susie Cagle joins them to talk about labor unrest in the Bay Area, including wildcat strikes at the Port of Oakland by port truckers and the Bay Area Rapid Transit workers’ strike. Solidarity, it seems, can be hard to come by, both in the suddenly tech-enriched community and even among workers at the port itself. And for “Argh,” Sarah presents her favorite piece on solidarity, ever.

Links For Those Following Along At Home:

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Pieces We Wish We’d Written:

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