Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China

Conflict in Twenty-first-Century China

A preview of our Spring 2022 issue.

Cover art by Tabitha Arnold

Our Spring 2022 issue, out April 4, features a special section on China. “The contributors to this section do not have a single position to promote or stance to defend,” Jeffrey Wasserstrom writes in his introduction. “Taken together, however, they offer up a nuanced collective view of an increasingly powerful People’s Republic of China that is both shaping and being shaped by a world that ricochets from crisis to crisis.”

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In the section, you’ll find: Sebastian Veg on China’s grassroots intellectuals; Eli Friedman and Ching Kwan Lee on global statecraft; JS Tan on the tech workers mobilizing against brutal schedules; Lü Pin on Peng Shuai; Han Zhang on venture capitalist Eric Li; Ilham Tohti on ethnonationalist chauvinism in Xinjiang; and Tobita Chow, Patrick Iber, Yangyang Cheng, Brian Hioe, Rebecca E. Karl, and Ted Fertik on the prospect of a new Cold War.

Also in the issue: Frank Guan on The Battle of Lake Changjin; Sarah Jones on Dungeons & Dragons; Taras Bilous’s “Letter to the Western Left from Kyiv”; Gregory Afinogenov on left perspectives on the Russian invasion of Ukraine; Meaghan Winter on how progressives left abortion advocates behind; Humberto Beck and Patrick Iber on AMLO’s contradictions; Mark Engler and Paul Engler on movements and political parties; Tommaso Bardelli, Ruqaiyah Zarook, and Derick McCarthy on prison profiteers; Sarah Jaffe on Bloody Sunday at fifty; and Wilfred Chan on Deacon Lui’s photographs of Hong Kong.

And in the book review section: Anand Gopal on The Dawn of Everything; Steven Lukes on Lea Ypi’s Free and Andrei S. Markovits’s The Passport as Home; Adolph Reed Jr. on Thomas Healy’s Soul City; Harold Meyerson on Gary Dorrien’s American Democratic Socialism; and Leonard Benardo on Harold Rosenberg.

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