Belabored: Train Strikes Revive British Unions, with Alex Gordon

Belabored: Train Strikes Revive British Unions, with Alex Gordon

The president of the RMT joins the podcast to talk about the union’s recent strike and what’s next for rail workers.

Alex Gordon and Mick Lynch at a rail strike rally outside Kings Cross station on June 25, 2022 in London, UK (Hollie Adams/Getty Images)

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There’s been a lot of talk about a “hot strike summer” in Britain, and that’s mainly because of the excitement around the rail workers’ strikes. In June, the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) went on strike for three days over pay and proposed cuts to the train system. Though people around the country rallied to the cause of the strikers, the dispute remains unresolved and there are more strikes coming up, with other rail unions joining the RMT on the picket lines. I met up with Alex Gordon, the president of the RMT, to talk about the state of the unions, the prospects for a revival of class consciousness, the privatization and financialization of rail travel, the looming climate breakdown and transport workers’ role in fighting it, and so much more.

We also talk to Laura Hancock of the Yoga Teachers Union-IWGB about their campaign against sexual harassment, and Matt Cole of Fairwork about the leaked Uber files. With updates on the Medieval Times union and what happens when “hot labor summer” means workers are laboring in temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For Argh, we consider nurses’ battle against “moral injury” and the hell that is working in chain-owned pet hospitals. 

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