Belabored Podcast to Launch Next Friday Featuring Karen Lewis

Belabored Podcast to Launch Next Friday Featuring Karen Lewis

You’ve been waiting with bated breath. And now we’re proud to announce that the first episode of Belabored, Dissent‘s labor podcast hosted by journalists Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe, will launch a week from today: Friday, April 12.

We’re further happy to announce that the podcast will be syndicated on WBAI.

Sarah and Josh’s first guest will be Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis, leader of last year’s stunning strike. They’ll discuss union democracy and what might be coming after the union’s surprise victory last fall.

Please join us for a launch on Thursday, April 18 at the Smart Clothes Gallery on the Lower East Side at 7:00 p.m. We’ll be surrounded by the revolutionary artwork of Molly Crabapple, a gorgeous exhibit called “Shell Game” based on the financial crisis. There will be wine. There will be labor. There will be mingling. Sarah and Josh will discuss the next generation of labor journalism.

See you out there!


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