Belabored Podcast #95: Campaigning for Families with Ellen Bravo

Belabored Podcast #95: Campaigning for Families with Ellen Bravo

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both announced plans to give workers paid family leave. Ellen Bravo of Family Values @ Work joins us to explain how this policy became central to both candidates’ campaigns.

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Most of the rest of the industrialized world offers paid family leave and paid sick time for workers, but the United States continues to lag behind. That might change if Democratic presidential hopefuls have their way, as after decades, paid family leave is finally at the center of the debate. Ellen Bravo of Family Values @ Work joins us to explain how, finally, work-family policy became a policy candidates couldn’t ignore, why it’s important to acknowledge where change comes from, and how care work is central to the future of labor.

We also look at the future of public sector unions before the Supreme Court, teacher sick-out protests in Detroit, and worker actions on Martin Luther King Day and ahead of the presidential debate. For “Argh,” we share a piece from Dissent‘s new families issue, and get a glimpse of what $15 an hour is actually like.


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