Belabored Podcast #82: Labor Rising in New Media, with Justin Molito

Belabored Podcast #82: Labor Rising in New Media, with Justin Molito

Writers Guild of America East is the union behind recent public organizing campaigns at two digital media outlets—Gawker Media and We talked to their director of organizing, Justin Molito.

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It’s not often that labor victories are featured in the news, and even rarer that the news itself is where the victory is happening. But two flagship online publications have been talking union. Following a characteristically brash public campaign, staffers at the Gawker family of websites recently voted to unionize with Writers Guild of America East. And staff have followed with their own campaign to unionize, also with Writers Guild. We talk to Justin Molito, WGA East’s director of organizing, on what the unionization efforts at these publications mean for the future of “alternative” media, and what online journalism and the labor movement can learn from each other as they seek to build labor power on the digital horizon.

We also round up news on the fast food workers’ win in New York’s Fight for $15, Greece’s austerity battles, and the labor struggles of airport workers and shipping port truckers. With recommended reading on the value of time and the labor of care.



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