Belabored Podcast #77: Should the Labor Movement Support Basic Income?

Belabored Podcast #77: Should the Labor Movement Support Basic Income?

This week, Sarah and Michelle invited Hack the Union editor Kati Sipp to explain universal basic income, and why it’s an important idea for workers. They discuss automation, which parts of the social safety net UBI would replace, and what it has to do with the unwaged work that women do in the home.

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As the shape of the workplace—and of the workforce—has changed in recent years, many workers have been left behind, left out of a social safety net that was designed around an eight-hour industrial work day and a “family wage.” Some organizers, including Kati Sipp, our guest on this week’s podcast, have begun thinking of ways to solve this problem and to deal with automation. Sipp has been looking into the Universal Basic Income, and she joins us to explain what this policy is, which parts of the social safety net it would replace, why it matters for workers, and what it has to do with the unwaged work that women do in the home.

We also check in on Democrats’ standing in the battle over the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, another battle over so-called right-to-work legislation in Missouri, a lawsuit trying to keep home care workers from getting minimum wage protections, and what you can do (besides feel guilty) about the working conditions of nail salon employees. And for “Argh,” we think about the work of mothers, and of freelancers.


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