Belabored Podcast #67: Bodies On the Gears

Belabored Podcast #67: Bodies On the Gears

As protests continue to grow nationwide under the banner “Black Lives Matter,” Belabored talks to two workers about how their struggle connects to today’s racial justice movement. We also talk to three graduate student organizers and discuss a new retail workers’ bill of rights, bad news from the Supreme Court, the secret lives of airport workers, and more.

As protests continue to grow around the country under the banner “Black Lives Matter,” workers in the Walmart and fast food organizing campaigns have linked their struggles to those of people calling for justice for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and other black people killed by police. We talk to Washington, D.C. Walmart worker Glova Scott and St. Louis Burger King worker Carlos Robinson about their strikes over the last two weeks and the connection to calls for boycotts and further action by the growing racial justice movement.

We also speak with graduate student worker Jon LaRochelle at the University of Oregon about the graduate students’ strike for paid family leave, and are joined by Lindsey Dayton and Olga Brudastova of Columbia University to discuss their drive for graduate student union recognition. And we take on the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision that workers’ time doesn’t matter and the passage of a retail workers’ bill of rights.

Finally, for a holiday-season “Argh,” we look at the secret lives of airport workers, and why working people have a harder time getting married.



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Panel of Ivy League Graduates Determines That Wage Laborers Should Perform Required Tasks For Employers Without Compensation

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Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation at University of Oregon

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Argh! I Wish I’d Written That

Sarah: Melissa Chadburn, The Secret Life of the American Airport Worker (Jezebel)

Michelle: Andrew Cherlin, The Real Reason Richer People Marry (New York Times)