Belabored Podcast #58: Holding McDonald’s Responsible, with Catherine Ruckelshaus

Belabored Podcast #58: Holding McDonald’s Responsible, with Catherine Ruckelshaus

This week, Belabored talks to Catherine Ruckelshaus, General Counsel of the National Employment Law Project, about the NLRB’s McDonald’s ruling, and what it means for workers facing the “Who’s the Boss” problem.

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Since the first strikes hit New York City, fast-food workers have been saying that the big corporations that dominate their industry were ultimately responsible for their working conditions. In other words, it wasn’t a coincidence that McDonald’s employees from Chicago to St. Louis, Philadelphia to Seattle have the same low wages and complain of the same unfair labor practices. Now, the general counsel at the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that McDonald’s can be held responsible as a “joint employer” of those workers across the country alongside its franchisees.

What does this mean for the fast food movement, for other workers who face the “Who’s the Boss” problem that we’ve talked about so often on this podcast? We hear from a worker who has faced this problem, and we ask Catherine Ruckelshaus, general counsel and program director at the National Employment Law Project, who has extensively researched the issue of outsourced labor. 

We also look into the issue of vacation equality, of food insecurity among food service workers, and bring you the story of a surprising union victory among charter school teachers. And of course, we address President Obama’s latest worker-related executive order on federally-contracted workers. In "Argh," we bring you some more news about Hobby Lobby and on labor’s actions in solidarity with Gaza.


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Conversation with Catherine Ruckelshaus:

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