Belabored Podcast #3: “Strike.”

Belabored Podcast #3: “Strike.”

Sarah and Josh talk strikes: the latest wave of one-day, low-wage, non-union work stoppages and, hypothetically, what might happen if everyone doing care work in America…stopped.

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On the third episode of Belabored, Josh and Sarah discuss this week’s strikes by fast food and retail workers in Chicago, the latest in a wave of one-day, low-wage, non-union work stoppages. They review some of the week’s top labor stories, including the deadly fertilizer factory explosion in West, Texas, and the re-introduction of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Then they turn to an in-depth discussion of Sarah’s feature in the new issue of Jacobin, on feminism, care work, and strikes.

To follow along, here’s Josh’s reporting, at Salon, on Wednesday’s big strikes.

And here’s Sarah’s Jacobin feature, “A Day Without Care.”

In the podcast’s final segment, Stories We Wish We’d Written, Josh plugs Richard Kim’s The Nation piece “Boston, West, Newtown: For Whom the Bells Toll, For Whom the Alarms Ring.”

Sarah discusses Megan Erickson’s Jacobin essay “The Strike That Didn’t Change New York.”


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