Belabored Podcast #23: A Taste of Victory

Belabored Podcast #23: A Taste of Victory

This week on #Belabored: Occupy celebrates a birthday, labor rights for domestic workers, workers centers under fire, and deep cuts for food stamps. Then, Sarah Jaffe breaks down the interplay between unions, judges, and politicians in the battles to save New York hospitals from closure.

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The twenty-third episode of Dissent’s #Belabored podcast opens with a round-up featuring protests for Occupy’s anniversary, labor protections for domestic workers, scrutiny for worker centers, and deep cuts for food stamps. Then Josh asks Sarah about her recent In These Times reporting on the struggle over New York hospital closures. How have healthcare unions been getting traction in these fights? What does their strategy suggest about the interplay between unions, judges, and politicians? What’s happening next?

Links for those following along at home:

Sarah’s latest reporting on the hospital struggle

Sarah’s interviews with NYC politicians Bill de Blasio and Tish James

Sarah on #S17

Josh’s interview with Labor Secretary Tom Perez on the DOL’s agenda

Josh on alt-labor

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