Belabored Podcast #21: Retaliation

Belabored Podcast #21: Retaliation

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The twenty-first episode of Dissent’s Belabored podcast opens with a round-up of recent news: strikes by fast food workers and port truckers, anti-retaliation rallies against Walmart, and progress on silica dust safety rules. Then Sarah and Josh are joined by Daily Kos labor editor Laura Clawson for a wide-ranging interview: What’s ahead at next week’s AFL-CIO convention? Can living wage laws overcome concerted opposition? How has the relationship between bloggers and unions changed?

Links for those following along at home:

Daily Kos Labor

Sarah and Josh on fast food strikes

Micah Uetricht on a port trucker strike

Josh on mobilizations against alleged Walmart retaliation

Mike Elk on proposed silica dust regulations

Sarah on Mike Bloomberg’s suit against living wage regulation

Josh on the AFL-CIO’s pre-convention consideration of investments in Texas and alt-labor

Working America

Pieces we wish we’d written:

Harold Meyerson, “L.A. Story,” The American Prospect

David Moberg, “America’s 200-Year-Long Battle for Workplace Democracy,” In These Times