Belabored Podcast #160: When One Job Isn’t Enough

Belabored Podcast #160: When One Job Isn’t Enough

In cities across the country, Marriott hotel workers are forced to work second jobs to pay the bills. We talk with two worker-organizers planning to strike for a fairer contract.

Workers in Boston rally for the One Job Should Be Enough campaign on Labor Day (UNITE HERE)
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This week we report from the frontlines of UNITE HERE’s One Job Should Be Enough campaign. Marriott hotel workers in several cities have voted to strike as they press for a fair contract that provides what they need to support their families without having to take on extra jobs just to survive. They’re also demanding that the global hotel chain address sexual harassment, health and safety issues, and job security so that they can get a fair share of its mega profits.

In other news, we look at the prospect of a four-day workweek, another teachers’ strike in PA, the latest anti-worker shenanigans at the NLRB, and striking against sexual harassment at McDonald’s. With recommended reading on Brett Kavanaugh, and the forgotten victims of Wall Street.

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