Belabored Podcast #147: Retailpocalypse Again? With Carrie Gleason

Belabored Podcast #147: Retailpocalypse Again? With Carrie Gleason

As Toys “R” Us shuts down, we talk with Carrie Gleason of the Fair Workweek Initiative about the future of retail—an industry that employs ten percent of working Americans.

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The news that Toys “R” Us stores around the country would be closing has resulted in another round of breathless “retail apocalypse” news stories that predict utter collapse for the industry—which employs ten percent of all working Americans. What’s the real deal? What killed Toys “R” Us, and what does it mean for the people working there? How can they fight back? We talk with Carrie Gleason of the Center for Popular Democracy’s Fair Workweek Initiative about retail jobs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

We also check in on teacher uprisings with an update from Jersey City and more from the UK university strike, and updates as well from JetBlue flight attendants voting for a union and Disney workers’ struggle for fair pay. For Argh, we follow up with yet more teacher strikes, this time in Puerto Rico, and threats to public-service loan forgiveness. 

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