Belabored Podcast #89: Banking on Change, with Khalid Taha

Belabored Podcast #89: Banking on Change, with Khalid Taha

Bank worker Khalid Taha tells us why he’s standing up for better banks and better wages. Plus: Bernie Sanders on a picket line, sexual harassment at T-Mobile, and a win in the fight against on-call scheduling.

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We’re used to complaining about the big banks, especially since the 2008 financial crisis. They wrecked the economy, they pressure us to take out loans and credit cards we don’t need, they get handouts from the government while lobbying to make sure we can’t discharge our student loans in bankruptcy. Well, what if the rank and file bank workers feel the same way, and they’d rather team up with us to make the banks actually act in the public’s interest? That’s the goal of the union and community-group backed Committee for Better Banks, and they had an action this week. Bank worker Khalid Taha tells us why he’s standing up for better banks and better wages.

We also talk about the struggles of call center workers at T-Mobile, where one woman had enough of the sexual harassment she was facing, about Bernie Sanders’ appearance on a picket line, a win in the fight against on-call scheduling, and whether the Obama administration’s new plan to reduce testing is what it’s cracked up to be. For Argh, we look at the future of the job, and the life and death of a warehouse temp.


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