Arguments on the Left: The Family

Arguments on the Left: The Family

Five short essays from Sarah Jones, Dorothy Sue Cobble, Sophie Lewis, Bethany Moreton, and Dorothy Roberts.

Illustration by Molly Crabapple

Beyond the Nuclear Family by Sarah Jones

“We won’t end precarity with nostalgia for an era when men were the primary breadwinners.”

The Feminist Struggle for Time to Care by Dorothy Sue Cobble

“The best policies would lift household income by raising pay and social wages. They would value work wherever it takes place and make family-friendly jobs a priority.”

The Family Lottery by Sophie Lewis

“Family abolitionism puts children’s freedom at the heart of society.”

Daddy Issues by Bethany Moreton

“The murderous hysteria over white patrimony . . . is inseparable from the private capture of both economic opportunity and political authority.” 

Abolish Family Policing, Too by Dorothy Roberts

“The child welfare system is a powerful state policing apparatus that functions to regulate poor and working-class families—especially those that are Black, Latinx, and Indigenous—by wielding the threat of taking their children from them.”


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