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Belabored Podcast #32: Black Friday  

This week, Michelle and Sarah share some good and bad news, including suggestions from listeners and a look forward to the Black Friday actions at Walmart next week. Journalist Liza Featherstone joins them to talk about Walmart’s corporate culture and the challenges it poses to organizing. They conclude with thoughts on Seattle’s new socialist city council member and the value of solidarity.

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Belabored Podcast #30: Out (and In) Sourcing  

This week on Belabored: looking forward after the elections, Walmart workers on strike again, and the dangers of trading tax breaks for “job creation.” Then, an in-depth look at the world of outsourcing: labor struggles in China and Bangladesh, the shady world of global temp agencies, and outsourcing right here at home. Featuring an interview with Bangladeshi labor organizer Kalpona Akter

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Belabored Podcast #29: After the Storm  

This week on Belabored, Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen look at New York after Superstorm Sandy. Who did the work of the recovery and how has it affected them, who’s out of a job, what did Sandy teach us about what a union can do? Featuring NYSNA president Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, with her thoughts on how Sandy made people look at their union–and the world–differently. They also look at some scary stuff for Halloween: a candy factory explosion, inside an anti-union captive audience meeting, and more.

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