Spring 2014  

Our Technology and Theirs Cover photo: e-waste in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana, by Vibek Raj Maurya. Mobile editions (EPUB and MOBI)    

On Wall Street  

For over half a century, Dissent made its home in what was once affectionately called in these pages “the intellectual kibbutz of Manhattan’s Upper West Side.” The neighborhood was synonymous with Jewish intellectual life. It was a small world, perhaps, …

Fall 2013  

The European Left In Crisis Mobile editions (EPUB and MOBI)    

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Reality Pawns: The New Money TV  

A new set of reality shows thrive on foreclosed property and unpaid bills; they promote a bargain-basement ethos where everything has a price, and where discovering and comparing those prices is a source of pleasure.


If U.S. higher education is in crisis, as a spate of recent books and articles would have it, then it’s a strange crisis. Outside the anti-intellectual Right, and even inside it when its writers forget themselves, we hear that advanced …

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