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Bogdan the Speaker  

The first time I heard Bogdan Denitch speak, he intimidated the hell out of me. That wasn’t, I hasten to explain, his intent. Far from it. The occasion was a national board meeting of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in …

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Socialism in America  

If Bernie Sanders’s presidential run is to herald a new socialist movement, American leftists will have to overcome the combination of sectarianism, repression, and cooptation that doomed their predecessors.

Liberalism and Its Friends  

The Future of Liberalism by Alan Wolfe Alfred A. Knopf, 2009, 337 pp., $30.00 Visions of Progress: The Left-Liberal Tradition in America by Doug Rossinow University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007, 323 pp., $39.95 This should be the liberal hour. American …

For Labor, Armageddon  

In the spring of 1995, when Lane Kirkland’s old order was toppling and John Sweeney’s young(er) Turks were poised to revitalize the American labor movement, one of the movement’s leading operatives gave me his take on what was behind the …