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Racial Politics After Obama

Far from heralding a “post-racial” era, the Age of Obama has fostered an intense racialization of U.S. politics and an eruption of agonistic identity politics across partisan lines. These challenges will be among the most vital of the post–Obama era, for both black politics and the resurgent American left.

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Vote for $15

Now approaching its fourth anniversary, the Fight for $15 has transformed a magnetic labor rallying cry into a popular grassroots movement, making the once unimaginable the new normal and helping to put inequality at the center of national debate.

Unequal Lives

If there’s one issue that has dominated the left in recent years, it’s our belated recognition of the explosion of economic inequality in the United States. Most of us were aware of its growth through the Clinton and Bush years, …

After Irony

Cool Characters: Irony and American Fiction by Lee Konstantinou Harvard University Press, 2016, 384 pp. Affect and American Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism by Rachel Greenwald Smith Cambridge University Press, 2015, 194 pp.   In July 2015 the writer …

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