The War in Algeria: Algeria is a Nation

The War in Algeria: Algeria is a Nation

THE NORTH AFRICAN peoples have a common destiny. In Tunisia, after the arrest of the Chenik government came oppression, with all its violence. After the assassination of my friends Ferhat Hached and Hedi Chaker, there was virtually war. In Morocco, deposition of the Sultan engendered terror and counter-terror.

But in both nations the ordeal by force gave way to negotiations; in both cases, a free confrontation made it possible for France to realize it had everything to gain by recognizing the legitimate aspirations of people in revolt. Beyond these crimes and struggles and by way of negotiation a Franco-Tunisian and, no doubt, a Franco-Moroccan friendship have been formed which will prove to be more lasting than any protectorate system.

The most significant drama in the world today is taking place in Algeria. Blood no longer flows in Korea, Indochina or Tunisia; peace is at hand in Morocco. But in Algeria war is raging. Because of this fact, the painfully erected scaff...

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