The Oswald Case Should Be Reopened!

The Oswald Case Should Be Reopened!

No matter what one thinks about the criticisms now circulating in regard to the Warren Commission Report, one thing is clear: the assassination of President Kennedy has not been satisfactorily explained. We reach this conclusion without judging the theories advanced in opposition to the official version, including the seemingly far-fetched one which claims the existence of a “second Oswald.” Nor need the prevalent feeling that something is still rotten in both Dallas and Washington necessarily commit one to elaborate conspiracy theories.

For enough doubt has already been cast upon both the methods and conclusions of the Warren Commission to justify the demand that the case be reopened, serious studies by people like Leo Sauvage and Edward Epstein have, it now seems, shot wide gaping holes into the official version. These critics seek no political advantage, they serve no suspect interest; their only concern is with uncovering the truth. The various questions they have raised–e.g., how many shots were actually fired, how the shots could have been fired so rapidly from Oswald’s inefficient gun, why the Commission accepted without further checking J. Edgar Hoover’s assertion that Oswald had links with the FBI— all demand clarification. And in a country where every triviality is given intense journalistic examination, it is nothing less than a scandal that the killing of a much-admired President should have been so poorly investigated and, in turn, the investigation so little scrutinized.


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