Spain: Twenty Years After

Spain: Twenty Years After

The civil war in Spain ended twenty years ago. That’s what people say. Practical and realistic men view war as a sport. When a public game is over the people cheer the winner. Those present in the stadium go home. Those listening to the broadcast turn off the radio. And those reading the newspaper reports turn the page.

And they all go off for a good sound sleep.

But this was something more than a sporting match. It was a people defending its freedoms. In that defense cities were destroyed
(nine thousand civilian dead in Guernica in one hour) and battles lost (seventy thousand dead in four weeks along the Ebro) . In the end one million dead to bury. Each one of these dead had relatives, friends, some woman who loved him. All told, about twenty persons in some way concerned with each victim. This makes twenty million human beings in Spain with burning, alert memory. Not enough years have passed to let us forget.