Socialism And Culture

Socialism And Culture

Should a Socialist society be a single, or a multi-cultural, society? Is there an entity called Socialist culture which is the proper culture of a Socialist society, or, on the other hand, is it a mark of a Socialist society that it offers its members a cultural multiplicity from which to choose?

My own answer is that a Socialist society should be a culturally plural society. Indeed I think that the historical mission of Socialism is to introduce to the world a form of society where the individual may realize himself by drawing at will upon the whole range of human culture which is offered up for his choice freely and in its full profusion.

Many Socialists will disagree with this. For them the attractions of Socialism are essentially connected with the benefits to be derived from an integrated and cohesive society, and they employ arguments drawn either from the nature of culture or from the great radical ideals of Equality and Fraternity to support this connection. Personally I think that these arguments are inadequate. And I think that there are other, and perfectly adequate, arguments drawn from the third great ideal of progressive politics, Liberty, which make the case for the plural society irresistible.