Short Shots

Short Shots

The Snobbism Of Charles Reich

The latest intellectual fad, certain to last almost six months, is The Greening of America by Professor Charles Reich of Yale University. It is an eyes-wide paean to Consciousness III, that superior state of love and freedom which “the young” are said to have reached, as against Consciousness I and II, the benighted conditions of ordinary slobs. Because he is so tolerant and loving, Professor Reich urges his readers to be equally tolerant and loving toward American workers—the teamsters and mechanics whom his young friends sometimes aren’t sufficiently tolerant and loving toward. And here, please read Professor Reich:

Look again at a “fascist”—tight-lipped, tense, crew cut, correctly dressed, church-going, an American flag on his car window, a hostile eye for communists, youth, and blacks. He has had very little of love, or poetry, or music, or nature, or joy. He has be...

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