Scoop & Henry— the Arms Debate

Scoop & Henry— the Arms Debate

. . . One of the questions which we have to ask ourselves as a country is what, in the name of God, is strategic superiority? What is the significance of it, politically, militarily, operationally, at these levels of numbers? What do you do with it?

Henry Kissinger posed these questions at a press conference in Moscow at the end of the 1974 Summit meeting. The meeting failed to fulfill the commitment made a year earlier by President Nixon and General Secretary Brezhnev that they would reach agreement in 1974 on a permanent treaty limiting offensive missiles.

It is very late to be pondering Dr. Kissinger’s questions. After more than a generation of superpower competition in A-bombs, H-bombs, strategic bombers, missiles, antimissiles, and submarines, the nuclear arms race is spiraling upward to still more dizzying heights.