Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

Fully achieved, Iris Young’s proposals would be a disaster for women and children, probably for men too, and certainly for liberal and left

She is wrong on three points, at least: single
mothers are not despised; liberals don’t view single mothers as the sole source of our social ills; liberalism has not abandoned its heritage by rallying to the two-parent family.

If only Time magazine had made Marla Maples—an unwed mother—the woman of the year, we would fully realize that a mother’s unwedded state is no bar to celebrity or social lionizing—and a kiss on the cheek from
(former) Mayor David Dinkins. The press and television treat single motherhood as a variant of the American family. I suspect that teachers,
principals, social workers, acquaintances, and neighbors don’t ask and don’t care. That changes when the individual choice of single
motherhood becomes a collective responsibility. It is women who have children that they can’t support or get fathers to support that
exercise tax-paying Americans, at least some of whome are single-mother families themselves! Plain and simple, the problem is not single mothers but single mothers who depend on the rest of us to support them and th