Political Correctness in Prague

Political Correctness in Prague

This is the law:

The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, its leaders and its members, are responsible for the way our land was governed in the years 1948-1989 and in particular for the systematic destruction of the traditional values of European civilization, for the conscious violations of human rights and freedoms, for the moral and economic decline accompanied by judicial crimes and terror against dissenters, for substituting a command economy for a market one, for the destruction of the traditional principles of the laws of ownership, for the misuse of education, training, science and culture for political and ideological goals, for the reckless destruction of nature.

So reads the preamble of the “Law Concerning the Illegitimacy of the Communist Regime” passed on July 9, 1993 by the parliament of the Czech Republic, one of the two rump states that emerged from the second dismemberment of Czechoslovakia.