Of Labor and Its Friends

Of Labor and Its Friends

The State of the Unions
by Paul Jacobs
Atheneum, 1963, 303 pp., $5

Labor Today: The Triumphs and Failures of Unionism in the United States
by B.J. Widick
Houghton Mifflin, 1964, 238 pp., $3.75

America Comes of Middle Age
by Murray Kempton
Little, Brown, 1963, 885 pp., $6.40

The Rank-and-File-Leader
by Sidney M. Peck, foreword by Eugene V. Schneider
College and University Press, 1963, 398 pp., $6


The four books here discussed share the quality of being animated by a genuine concern for the factory hand, the victim of corporate, union, or political bureaucracy. That is to say, three of them are animated. Mr. Peck’s book may¬† more properly be said to exist.

Not that it is lacking in information, or sympathy for its su...