No Time for Silence

No Time for Silence

The Federation of Atomic Scientists has issued an appeal to the United Nations to investigate the danger that continued test explosions of the hydrogen bomb may result in unpredictable genetic damage to the human race. This appeal, which has been systematically slighted in the American press, raises a question of the utmost gravity. The Federation is far from being a radical organization; it does not engage in apocalyptic visions with great readiness; if it now speaks out there must surely be the most pressing reasons for fearing that test explosions of the hydrogen bomb will do genetic damage.

Surely this is an issue upon which there can be no doubt among those who retain some measure of sanity. That the bombs will explode there can be no doubt; they already have. That bigger bombs will make bigger explosions there can also be no doubt. What purpose, then, is served by the continued policy of the Eisenhower administration of exploding these bombs? What answer does it give to the warning of the Federation of Atomic Scientists?

To remain silent on this issue is to countenance a policy that may come to nothing more than genocide. The warning of the Atomic Scientists should be heeded, the infinitely pointless and infinitely dangerous practice of exploding further bombs should cease!