I think that Marvin Rosenberg–in his letter in the Spring 1974 issue–was justified in protesting that Senators Jackson and Humphrey should not be lumped together as supporters of the Viet- namese War. (Admittedly this was not a significant point in the original article–“Are American Jews Turning to the Right?’ by Bernard Rosenberg and Irving Howe, Winter 1974 issue–but the extended discussion of it in the Spring issue makes it worth commenting on.) From 1971 to 1973 Senator Humphrey voted in support of every seri- ous motion to end American participation in the war, including even a controversial filibuster by Senator Gravel. Meanwhile, Senator Jackson voted against every one of these motions: on the final vote, which terminated the American bombing of Cambodia in 1973, he was joined by no other Democrats except Eastland and Long.