A Correction
In my article, “What is Political Equality” (Dissent, Summer 1979), I referred to an allegedly “crude formulation” of Nelson Polsby’s, “that if, say, poor people fail to vote in large numbers, it must be because they think they have something better to do on election day.” My memory was faulty and I owe Professor Polsby an apology, for, as he correctly informs me, he has never written any such “formulation.”

Northampton, Mass

From the Nation
In Dennis Wrong’s reply to Lester Rodney (Letters, Summer, 1979) he suggests that I have yet to address myself to what he calls “Allen Weinstein’s crushing rebuttal in the New Republic” of my essay in the Nation on the limits of his scholarship. Perhaps Mr. Wrong is unaware that Weinstein, the New Republic and Alfred Knopf, Inc. were sued by Sam Krieger on one of the main points in contention between Weinstein and myself. (I claimed he had misidentified Krieger, an important figure
in the Hiss case because he introduced Whittaker Chambers into,the Communist Party.) In June, 1979, it was announced that Weinstein & Co. admitted I was right after all. They agreed to pay Mr. Krieger $17,500 and in the issue dated June 7 & 14, 1979, the New Republic printed Weinstein’s apology and correction.


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