James B. Rule Responds

James B. Rule Responds

I do not support an American attack against Iraq under current conditions. Such an attack would be justified only with a broad spectrum of international support, based on a convincing consensus of imminent and extraordinary danger.

Both disarmament and regime change are worthy objectives where Iraq is concerned. One might make the identical statement, however, for any number of other dangerous states around the world-including some U.S. allies. No one has provided a convincing explanation as to why Iraq is to be singled out within this rogues’ gallery.

I most definitely favor aggressive UN inspections, even if they have to be implemented under military force. Such actions could include unannounced visits to suspect sites, under force-provided such moves indeed had broad UN backing. A response of this kind would not only help defuse the situation in Iraq, but would also provide valuable precedent, if and when similar actions become necessary in future risky situat...

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