Interview With Michael Rocard

Interview With Michael Rocard

The following interview with the Socialist Prime Minister of France has been excerpted from one conducted by Ferdinando Adornato and Gabriele Invernizzi that appeared in Verso it due mila #1: La nuova civilta (supplement to L’Espresso, March 18, 1990).

F.A. & G.I. What has the word “left” meant for the twentieth century? Destruction or creation?

M.R. Creation. Always. By definition. The word “left” evokes two categories at the same time: aspirations, points of reference, ethical values; and then a system of rationalizations based on these values, that is, social prescriptions for the conduct of public action. At a time when some rationalizations— those that had become perverse—are changing profoundly, if not collapsing, it’s necessary to remember that from an ethical point of view, nothing is changed. Even today, whoever says “left” is saying “the will to change, more justice, more equality, more democracy, more pluralism.”