Food For China

Food For China

We now have sufficient information confirming that the Chinese Communists have approached American officials and private exporters with proposals to buy large quantities of American surplus wheat and grains to feed China’s hungry millions. One such report states that China wants 6 million tons of wheat per year to raise the daily city food ration to 1500 calories, a minimal survival diet.

Only America has sufficient surplus food stocks to meet these needs; Australia and Canada—not to mention Russia and her satellite nations—can not meet these demands. Thus far, the preliminary negotiations have produced no results. Congressional action at the last session prohibits the sale of farm products receiving price parity support, such as wheat, to any Communist country. Hence, the issue of food for China is a national one, touching each citizen of the country. Only an act of Congress could open the food graineries to China.

Such are the simple facts of the situation. We may add to this the open admission of the Chinese authorities that starvation on an almost unprecedented scale even in a land familiar with such disasters, is taking place. There are basic political and moral issues involved here.

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