Culture & Capitalism: A Letter to William Buckley

Culture & Capitalism: A Letter to William Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley:

I am writing to you today because I was delighted to hear that we share an interest in classical music. Unfortunately, that information came to me in a piece .of bad news: that you are closing down or selling out Station WNCN, the only one in New York City to broadcast good music and intelligent news summaries around the clock.

As chairman of the board of the Starr Corporation, which owns the station, you had to make that decision because it does apparently not pay to provide this service. In this capitalistic system, which you so valiantly defend in print and word, the interest of culture has to yield every time it clashes with the interest of money. In a moving address to your listeners, you stated that it cut your heart out, that you yourself were the most faithful listener to your cultural broadcasts. But business is business and the shareholders wish to see a dividend.