Among Ourselves

Among Ourselves

This first issue of DISSENT contains 112 pages. We hope to stabilize the magazine at 96 pages each issue. To a large extent, the size will depend on the response we get from our readers. Though our life is now assured for at least a year, we are beginning with an extremely modest budget. And if we receive as many subscriptions as we hope to, we will be able to promote the magazine more widely and efficiently, thus gaining more readers.


We want to place DISSENT in as many libraries, both town and college, as we can. It would help if you would ask for it at your local library. It would also help if you sent us the name and address of the library. A sample mailing of the first issue has gone out to several hundred college libraries, but we may have missed yours.

For that matter, we’d appreciate having lists of potential subscribers to whom to send sample copies.