A Fanatic’s Journey

A Fanatic’s Journey

Radical Son
by David Horowitz
Free Press, 1997 468 pp $27.50

A good many readers of Dissent subscribe to the New Republic, and those readers will thrill at the opportunity to discover anew the following letter-to-the-editor, which ran in the New Republic a few months ago.

To the editor:
I have noticed with astonishment and growing consternation that an ad invoking my entirely innocent name has run in your pages not once but twice in recent weeks. The ad promotes a book by someone called David Horowitz, on the topic of how Horowitz used to be a left-wing fanatic and then became a right-wing fanatic. I am quoted saying something-or-other about Horowitz.

The quotation, from an article of mine in the Village Voice many years ago, is accurate. But the use of that quotation within the ad may leave an impression among readers that I have in some way endorsed Horowitz’s book or its author. Not so. In my judgment, a worse book has never been written, and as for the author, he is a demented lunatic.