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Scotland’s Vote for Democracy

The next great experiment in reinventing democracy gets its airing in Scotland’s independence vote on Thursday. It’s been almost four years since Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution stoked the appetite for more direct forms of democracy. The resulting wave of occupations swept …

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The Diaspora Roadblock to Peace

For the American Jewish community, the Jewish National Fund’s blue boxes are ubiquitous, a sign of communal strength and affluence and a testament to the community’s commitment to the Jewish state. But they also represent one of the American Jewish …

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Belabored Podcast #60: Whither Market Basket? with James Green

Is the outcome of the Market Basket strike a victory for working people, or something more complicated? Belabored asks James Green, a former professor at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and the author of several books on labor history and social movements. Plus: care workers mobilizing across the country, pre-K workers and inequality in New York, and more.

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