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Property-Based Ethics

Earlier this year, information scientist Simon DeDeo argued in the science magazine Nautilus that British society has slowly transitioned from one in which theft was a crime equal to or worse than murder into one in which murder and other violent …

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The 50-Year-Old One-Dimensional Man

The comics and cartoons of Nick Thorkelson have appeared in labor and community organizing materials and the Boston Globe as well as, most recently, a series of nonfiction comics anthologies including Yiddishkeit, Radical Jesus, and Bohemians. He gratefully acknowledges the …

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Sherrod Brown for 2016!

At the risk of seeming ridiculous, I think Sherrod Brown should run for president. I know that, barring a debilitating health problem or a horrible scandal, Hillary Clinton is likely to capture the Democratic nomination. I realize too that Brown, …

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