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Mapping Our Unequal States

The “suspension bridge” of top income shares (based on the work of Thomas Piketty and colleagues) is by now a familiar icon of American inequality. In this rendering, top-end inequality (measured as the share of national income going to the …

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Belabored Bonus Edition: Han Dongfang on Shop-Floor Democracy in China

Pro-democracy activism in China takes many forms. For longtime labor activist Han Dongfang, it starts on the shop floor. In this Belabored bonus edition, the veteran of the Tiananmen Square uprising and director of China Labour Bulletin discusses his vision for social change in China, and the promise and the peril of labor organizing in the engine of global capitalism.

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The Year in Dissent

For Dissentniks, 2014 was a year of small miracles and stubborn injustices. Thousands of workers demonstrated for a $15-an-hour wage, but a party that hopes to destroy unions won control of both houses of Congress. Marriage equality became law in a …

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