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Film the Police!

In August people filled the streets in Ferguson, Missouri, following black teenager Michael Brown’s death by police shooting in the city. Hundreds of protestors in New York and across the country gathered to show solidarity with protesters in St. Louis …

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[EVENTS] A Party, a Lecture, and a Reading

Next Friday, October 24, Dissent will celebrate the launch of our fall issue in Brooklyn with our publishing friends, Verso Books and The New Inquiry. Join us for drinks, discussion, and dancing from 9pm in the beautiful backyard of Hollow Nickel bar in Brooklyn.

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The Wonder-Bread Independents

In a season marked by sour voters and bitter campaigns, independent candidates hold out the promise of sweet transcendence. South Dakota independent candidate Larry Pressler pledges to break up the “lobbyist-controlled spending and taxing cycle [and] poisonous partisan fights” if elected to the …

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