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Striking for Climate Justice

When unionized oil workers at the Tesoro Golden Eagle plant in Martinez, California walked off the job on February 1 to demand safer working conditions, they received some unexpected company on the picket line. Since the beginning of the strike, …

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Harvard’s Climate Wake-Up Call

On Thursday, February 12, I walked into Massachusetts Hall with thirty-three other Divest Harvard members and began a twenty-four-hour sit-in outside Harvard President Drew Faust’s office. Amidst the intensity, chaos, stress, and excitement of those hours, I learned an enduring …

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King and Johnson After Selma

The success of Ava DuVernay’s Oscar-nominated film Selma has created the impression that the Selma-to-Montgomery voting rights march was the defining civil rights story of 1965. As a result, we haven’t paid the attention we should to the event with which Selma …

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A French Requiem

On January 7, the literary event everyone was expecting did not occur. Indeed, the long-awaited publication of Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel, Soumission—which envisions, in 2022, the second round of a French presidential election opposing Marine Le Pen, leader of the …

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Letter From Athens

The hopes and fears of leftists around the world following Syriza’s dizzying victory last week can best be summed up by a famous scene on the TV show Saved by the Bell where the episode’s heroine, Jesse Spano, takes too many caffeine …

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Mapping Our Unequal States

The “suspension bridge” of top income shares (based on the work of Thomas Piketty and colleagues) is by now a familiar icon of American inequality. In this rendering, top-end inequality (measured as the share of national income going to the …

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