Putin’s Cold New World

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By Slawomir Sierakowski

What we have observed in Ukraine confirms that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is irredeemable. {…}

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Hurling the Little Streets Against the Great: Marshall Berman’s Perennial Modernism

By Todd Gitlin ·  July 18, 2014 ·  Online Articles

For Marshall Berman, the street was not just the site where modernism was enacted; it was modernism incarnate. {…}

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How Social Movements Can Win More Victories Like Same-Sex Marriage

By Mark Engler and Paul Engler ·  July 16, 2014 ·  Blog

The rapidly expanding victory around same-sex marriage demonstrates how a transformational vision can create social change. {…}

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Reforming the Banks for Good

Today, the top banks are larger than they were before the crisis and engage in many of the same behaviors that led to the financial meltdown. How can we end “too big to fail” once and for all? {…}

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Belabored Podcast #56: The Post–Harris v. Quinn Future

By Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen ·  July 11, 2014 ·  Blog

What does Harris v. Quinn mean for home care workers, for other public sector workers, and for any of us who care about labor? Belabored asks Harvard Law professor Benjamin Sachs and Minnesota care worker Sumer Spika. Plus: strikes in California and Greece, labor struggles at the opera, and more. {…}

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Should We Abolish the CIA?

By Norman Birnbaum ·  July 9, 2014 ·  Online Articles

It is time to ask how we can end our pathological dependence on the ineffective and swollen agency. {…}

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Letter From Jerusalem

By Jo-Ann Mort ·  July 8, 2014 ·  Blog

The myth of a united Jerusalem has helped lead us to this horrible moment. {…}

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Full Employment and the Path to Shared Prosperity

There are many policies that can reduce inequality, but there is none as straightforward conceptually and as difficult politically as full employment. {…}

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Why Tokyo Is Burning

By Chelsea Szendi Schieder ·  July 3, 2014 ·  Online Articles

There were large demonstrations this week in Tokyo in response to the government’s move to reinterpret Article Nine of Japan’s Constitution, in which “the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation.” The prominent support Shinzō Abe’s forceful tactics enjoy among American officials raises questions about who he sees as his key political audience. {…}

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Occupy Central: The Migrant Workers in Democracy’s Blind Spot

By Elaine Yu ·  July 2, 2014 ·  Online Articles

Hong Kongers have never been quite comfortable discussing the 300,000 migrant domestic workers, most of whom are female, to which the city currently plays host. Complicating the discussion further is the media’s tendency to steer such discussions from issues of fair wages and workplace safety toward the still more vexing question of citizenship. {…}