1% Museum: The Guggenheim Goes Global

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By Chloe Wyma

This year Gulf Labor’s newly formed direct-action wing—the Global Ultra Luxury Faction—has created a PR nightmare for the Guggenheim. {…}

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Sectarian Entrepreneurs: How the U.S. Broke Iraq

By Kathleen Cavanaugh ·   August 26, 2014 ·  Online Articles

The current U.S. intervention in Iraq serves as a stark reminder of the colossal policy failures that have plagued the country since 2003. {…}

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Belabored Podcast #59: Labor Rights as Civil Rights, with Moshe Marvit

By Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen ·   August 22, 2014 ·  Blog

Is the right to form a union also a civil right? Belabored asks Moshe Marvit, who recently helped turn the idea into legislation now pending in Congress. Plus: “crowd work,” Ferguson, unionizing Elmos, and why we need a four-hour workday. {…}

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From Freedom Summer to Black August

By Dan Berger ·   August 19, 2014 ·  Online Articles

Why civil rights activists should champion a little-known prisoner holiday {…}

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The Making of Ferguson

By Colin Gordon ·   August 16, 2014 ·  Blog

Over the course of St. Louis’s history, local segregation was enforced by a tangle of public and private policies. {…}

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Pussy Riot in Translation

Did Pussy Riot’s protest change the course of Russian history, or merely make its members famous abroad? {…}

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Can New York City Survive the Sea?

How did the largest city in the United States become the most prone to flooding? {…}

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Belabored Podcast #58: Holding McDonald’s Responsible, with Catherine Ruckelshaus

By Sarah Jaffe and Michelle Chen ·   August 8, 2014 ·  Blog

This week, Belabored talks to Catherine Ruckelshaus, General Counsel of the National Employment Law Project, about the NLRB’s McDonald’s ruling, and what it means for workers facing the “Who’s the Boss” problem. {…}

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Between Israel and Social Democracy: Tony Judt’s Jewishness

By Daniel Solomon ·   August 6, 2014 ·  Online Articles

Beyond Zionism and its discontents, Tony Judt’s Jewishness was a vibrant companion of the historian’s aspiring cosmopolitanism. {…}

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From a Tangle of Pathology to a Race-Fair America

Today’s wealth and employment gaps shatter the myth of a post-racial America. {…}