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There was the plantation boss, she remembered. A very decent man, really, even if it’s true there was a killing connected to him. It seems he had done it, she remembered, that was the connection. . . .

A short story.

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Kill Your Idols

Sonic Youth’s DIY ethic couldn’t sustain itself in the face of a corporate world eager to market youthful anger like any other commodity. But Kim Gordon’s remarkable new book shows that no matter how institutionalized it became, punk offered a radical way of seeing the world.

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Taking Back the Grid

Three years after Boulder citizens voted to de-privatize their electricity and create a public utility, the city’s effort remains stalled. Can the municipalization experiment still succeed—and provide a model for other U.S. cities seeking to go green?

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Belabored Podcast #72: The Right to Work for Less, with Elizabeth Shermer

Lawmakers across the country are racing to pass so-called “right-to-work” legislation, the euphemistically named union-busting policy that restricts the collection of fees from all workers covered by a union contract. Belabored spoke with historian Elizabeth Shermer about the politics and history of right-to-work policies, and what labor can do to fight back.

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