Belabored Podcast #10: Whose Walmart?


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This week’s Belabored opens with Sarah and Josh’s rundown of the week’s good and bad news for labor: a GOP effort to pre-empt paid sick days; a landmark legal ruling on unpaid internships; a letter from Elizabeth Warren on trade deal transparency; and two rallies in New York. Then the podcast turns to Josh’s recent trip to Arkansas to report on the Walmart shareholder meeting and the striking workers’ protests there. They discuss the spectacle and ideology of the meeting, how the workers management flew to Arkansas reacted to the strikers who traveled there, and whether the campaign will make Walmart toxic for Democrats.

For those following along at home:

Josh on paid sick leave shenanigans in Florida

Zach Carter on Elizabeth Warren’s letter

Steven Greenhouse on a district court ruling on internships

Colby Hamilton on the legal services strike

Josh’s dispatches from Arkansas: Wednesday; Thursday; Friday

The stories we wish we’d written:

Meredith Clark, Senate set for battle over military sexual assault

Dhanya Skariachan and Jessica Wohl, Reuters: “Exclusive – Wal-Mart’s everyday hiring strategy: Add more temps”

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