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An Old Story: The Corporate University

November 14, 2012 · Blog

Yale University’s plan to open a campus in the city-state of Singapore next year has been greeted with impassioned protest by much of its faculty. (Dissent subscribers can read more about this in Jim Sleeper’s article on the future of … {…}

By Marjorie Heins

“A Pall of Orthodoxy”: The Painful Persistence of Loyalty Oaths

Who could object to Ohio’s anti-terrorist oath? Created as part of the 2006 “Ohio Patriot Act,” it merely requires every new public employee to answer “no” to six questions regarding affiliation with, or “material support” to, any organization on the … {…}

By Marjorie Heins

Marjorie Heins Responds

Elshtain and Etzioni respond to my ar-gument for minors’ First Amendment rights with the same highly charged rhetorical devices that have brought our culture to its current state of hysteria over the need to “protect” youth from presumably harmful speech. … {…}

By Marjorie Heins

Rejuvenating Free Expression: An Argument for Minors’ First Amendment Rights

In 1996, Congress conditioned federal aid to sex education programs on their adoption of “abstinence only” pedagogy. Instructors must teach that “sexual activity outside of the context of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects,” and that … {…}

By Marjorie Heins