Jan-Werner Müller

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Europe’s Perfect Storm: The Political and Economic Consequences of the Eurocrisis

What exactly is the Eurocrisis a crisis of? Is it a currency crisis? A crisis of economic policy-making in Europe? Is it a crisis of a particular, expensive social model, as American conservatives like to claim? Or of the whole … {…}

By Jan-Werner Müller

The Hungarian Tragedy

A Nationalist Conservative revolution has triumphed in Budapest; its leaders are busy dismantling constitutionalism and the rule of law. How could this have happened? And can the Western Left do anything about it? There was a time when Hungary seemed … {…}

By Jan-Werner Müller

Recovering the Age of Social Democracy

Sheri Berman’s The Primacy of Politics Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century

By Jan-Werner Müller

The End of Denial: Solidarity, Diversity, and Constitutional Patriotism in Germany

In the 1980s and early 1990s, one could be forgiven for getting the impression that Germans had a monopoly on self-obsessed debates about their “identity.” When the country was still divided, politicians and intellectuals joined in what seemed to be … {…}

By Jan-Werner Müller

Is Euro-patriotism Possible?

“Perhaps I am confusing Joschka Fischer and Jürgen Habermas,” admitted then French interior minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement in a debate on Europe with Fischer in the summer of 2000. Not surprisingly, this “confusion” flattered the German foreign minister. After all, during … {…}

By Jan-Werner Müller