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Putin’s Cold New World

What we have observed in Ukraine confirms that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is irredeemable. {…}

By Slawomir Sierakowski
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Reforming the Banks for Good

Today, the top banks are larger than they were before the crisis and engage in many of the same behaviors that led to the financial meltdown. How can we end “too big to fail” once and for all? {…}

By Jennifer Taub
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Full Employment and the Path to Shared Prosperity

There are many policies that can reduce inequality, but there is none as straightforward conceptually and as difficult politically as full employment. {…}

By Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein
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The Radical Ellen Willis

The Essential Ellen Willis edited by Nona Willis Aronowitz University of Minnesota Press, 2014, 536 pp. For those of us born in the eighties and nineties, unpleasantly called Millennials, prosperity has long seemed out of reach. We who rushed into … {…}

By Emily Greenhouse

Good Jurors, Bad Laws

After convicting Occupy activist Cecily McMillan of felony assault on a police officer on May 5, twelve jurors walked into the light and discovered that they had, perhaps, condemned the twenty-five-year-old to turning thirty on Rikers Island. “Most just wanted … {…}

By Sarah Leonard
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1% Museum: The Guggenheim Goes Global

One evening this March, a bell rang out in the Guggenheim museum. A deluge of what looked like thousands of dollar bills rained down from the museum’s ramps onto the heads of puzzled museumgoers below. In an agitprop-style intervention reminiscent … {…}

By Chloe Wyma
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Millennial Movements: Occupy Wall Street and the Dreamers

The dominant narrative about the “Millennial” generation (roughly, those born between 1980 and 2000) portrays its members as selfish, lazy, narcissistic, entitled, and politically disengaged. Yet in 2008 Barack Obama captured their imaginations: 66 percent of voters under thirty cast … {…}

By Ruth Milkman
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A New Agenda for American Families and the Economy

Political leaders used to believe that economic security for workers and their families was good for the economy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal put the family at the core of its political and economic platform, connecting the day-to-day reality of … {…}

By Heather Boushey
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Think Globally, Innovate Locally

Denial and indifference are two of the main congressional responses to the inequality, economic stagnation, and climate change that threaten America. But progressives can take heart in the creative, often inspiring initiatives flourishing in patches across the country. States and … {…}

By Amy Hanauer
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The Ballad of Chile’s Last Outlaw Fishermen

On clear days, you can see dozens of ships from Chile’s artisanal fleet fishing the cool waters of the country’s southern coast, their nets extended across rings of yellow buoys. It can take a half-dozen nets full of fish to … {…}

By Peter D'Amato
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