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The Gospel According to Terry

Secularists must concede the futility of attempts to find a substitute for God.

By Eugene McCarraher
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The Naxal Novel

A series of novels captures the moral and political ambiguities of India’s Maoist insurgency.

By Nina Martyris
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Florence Gordon Writes a Memoir

It’s astonishing how little people know each other, even old friends. . . .

Scenes from the novel Florence Gordon.

By Brian Morton
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Brute Ideology

Witchcraft and racecraft—unlike witches and race—are things that actually exist.

By Walter Johnson
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“They Did What They Liked”: Chevron and Dow on Trial

Over decades, U.S. multinationals have developed a formidable arsenal of legal tactics to escape accountability abroad.

By Madhusree Mukerjee
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Odd Women

George Gissing’s novel captured our two-steps-forward, one-step-back journey to the “new” woman and man.

By Vivian Gornick
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Refusing Marcuse: 50 Years After One-Dimensional Man

In the decades following the New Left’s collapse, has the stature of any intellectual fallen more dramatically than that of Herbert Marcuse?

By Stephen Whitfield
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Candide’s Garden: A Parable

When changing the very mechanisms for change is off-limits . . .

By Helen DeWitt
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Theses on the Feminist Novel

Not every novel that concerns itself with the lives of women is a feminist novel.

By Roxane Gay

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