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For Pleasure: A Letter

Difficulty is not an inherent virtue. A book must on some level give pleasure.

By Benjamin Hale
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The Rise of Reagan’s America

In his latest book, Rick Perlstein tells lively stories at the expense of the political complexity.

By Judith Stein
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Bartlebys All!

Few institutions have offered themselves as less promising for the novelist than the modern office. And yet…

By Nikil Saval

Winter 2014 – Mobile Editions

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By Editors
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Whose Moon Is It Anyway?

Managing the commons is fraught enough here on Earth, but decisions will be all the more complicated when dealing with the great commons of the sky.

By Rachel Riederer
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Introduction: The Gunshot Concert

Introducing our special Fall edition on Politics and the Novel—with essays by Nikil Saval, Vivian Gornick, Benjamin Hale, Helen Dewitt, Nina Martyris, and Roxane Gay—David Marcus asks: what happened to the political novel?

By David Marcus

Decline of the Strike

Brecher reminds readers of the sheer size, violence and power of labor struggles now erased from American historical consciousness

By Alex Gourevitch
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Social Democracy in America?

Can Lane Kenworthy’s manifesto for social democracy survive Republican extremism and the collapse of communitarian underpinnings?

By Rich Yeselson

How the Right Gets Us Wrong

Because Dissent loves totalitarian politics.

By Nick Serpe

Not an Option

The current state of American two-party politics is profoundly depressing—and shameful. In Congress, the Republicans rail against any program that helps workers and the poor, block any chance for undocumented women and men to become citizens, oppose every attempt to …

By Michael Kazin
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