Not an Option  

The current state of American two-party politics is profoundly depressing—and shameful. In Congress, the Republicans rail against any program that helps workers and the poor, block any chance for undocumented women and men to become citizens, oppose every attempt to …

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Presidential ADD  

Why has Barack Obama—one of the most eloquent and thoughtful of recent presidents—become such a terrible politician? Midway through his sixth year in office, his ineptitude is pretty clear. He frustrated and demobilized the huge base he built during his …

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Unite Queer  

Out in the Union, a new book by Miriam Frank, shows that unions have been crucial to the growth and success of the modern LGBT rights movement.

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Our Declaration  

Contemporary American leftists do not, as a rule, think kindly about the history of the nation they inhabit. Centuries of slavery, the bloody conquest of Indian and Mexican lands, and two long imperial wars in East Asia sullied, if not …

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Quoted by Monica Lewinsky  

“Monica Lewinsky quoted you. Did you hear?” a friend called to say. My first reaction was: I’m being pranked. But there in Monica Lewinsky’s recent Vanity Fair essay, “Shame and Survival”—her account of what happened to her after her affair …

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Not a VA Scandal, But a War Scandal  

President Obama is “madder than hell” at the Department of Veterans Affairs. At issue is whether VA hospitals in the Southwest and elsewhere used off-the-books lists to hide the fact that veterans often waited months to see doctors, dozens allegedly …

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Why Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Run for President  

Bernie Sanders may actually run for president. The feisty Senator from Vermont is giving dinner speeches in Iowa, telling journalists he’s “prepared” to campaign, and is deciding whether he wants to compete for the Democratic nomination or take the “radical” …