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Dissent Winter 2018 Front CoverFrank Guan - Dissent Winter 2018Sheri Berman - Dissent Winter 2018Andrew Elrod - Dissent Winter 2018Dissent Winter 2018 back cover

The Winter issue of Dissent features a special section on the Crisis of Democracy, including:

  • Michael Walzer on how to build a majority
  • Nancy Rosenblum and Russell Muirhead on the new conspiracism
  • Sheri Berman on why we need more democracy, and less technocracy
  • Leo Casey on the perils of universalism

Plus: Laura Marsh on mindfulness at work, Daniel Rodgers on the uses and abuses of “neoliberalism,” Melissa Gira Grant on The DeuceAndrew Elrod on automation, government jobs, and the future of work and leisure, Natasha Lennard on Malcolm Harris’s Kids These DaysPhilippe Askenazy on Macron’s France, Maggie Doherty on Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach, and much more.

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