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Fall 2017 Cover Afterlives of 1917 Jeff Faux in our Fall Issue From our Fall issue Fall 2017 back cover

The fall issue of Dissent features a special section on the Afterlives of 1917, including:

  • Keith Gessen on the October Revolution’s long shadow in Russia
  • Susie Linfield on Zionism and empire
  • Mitchell Cohen on what the Mensheviks got right
  • Michael Kazin on the origins of our national security state

Plus, Sarah Jaffe on Thomas Frank’s Listen, Liberal!Nick Serpe on Trumpism in Silicon Valley, Maurice Isserman on what Ken Burns gets wrong about Vietnam, Kate Aronoff on the unlikely solidarity in Lana Del Rey’s new record, Mark Engler on how to talk about socialism in America, J.W. Mason on the mixed lessons of World War II economics, and more.

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