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The Year in Dissent

For Dissentniks, 2014 was a year of small miracles and stubborn injustices. Thousands of workers demonstrated for a $15-an-hour wage, but a party that hopes to destroy unions won control of both houses of Congress. Marriage equality became law in a …

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Sherrod Brown for 2016!

At the risk of seeming ridiculous, I think Sherrod Brown should run for president. I know that, barring a debilitating health problem or a horrible scandal, Hillary Clinton is likely to capture the Democratic nomination. I realize too that Brown, …

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The Wonder-Bread Independents

In a season marked by sour voters and bitter campaigns, independent candidates hold out the promise of sweet transcendence. South Dakota independent candidate Larry Pressler pledges to break up the “lobbyist-controlled spending and taxing cycle [and] poisonous partisan fights” if elected to the …

Not an Option

The current state of American two-party politics is profoundly depressing—and shameful. In Congress, the Republicans rail against any program that helps workers and the poor, block any chance for undocumented women and men to become citizens, oppose every attempt to …

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Presidential ADD

Why has Barack Obama—one of the most eloquent and thoughtful of recent presidents—become such a terrible politician? Midway through his sixth year in office, his ineptitude is pretty clear. He frustrated and demobilized the huge base he built during his …

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Gaza: The Longest War

What response should we have to the current bloodletting in Gaza and Israel? In the current situation, it may seem useful to apply F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous line about “a first-rate intelligence” being able to “hold two opposed ideas in …

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Our Declaration

Contemporary American leftists do not, as a rule, think kindly about the history of the nation they inhabit. Centuries of slavery, the bloody conquest of Indian and Mexican lands, and two long imperial wars in East Asia sullied, if not …

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LBJ Was No Liberal Hero

From 1964 to 1968, close to 34,000 Americans died in South Vietnam. We will never know how many Vietnamese women, men, and children perished during those years, but the total, according to most estimates, was at least one million. Among …

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